よくあるご質問 FAQ

初期費用はどのくらい必要です? How much is the initial cost required?





The first month rent / common expenses (the first monthly schedule calculation) + the next month rent / common expense fee + deposit.

Deposit · key money etc is not necessary. ※ I am writing the example of payment to the tenant's flow.

Deposit will be fully depreciated as a cleaning fee at the time of departure.

There is no additional cost unless there are particularly bad dirt / damage etc.

保証人は必要ですか? Do I need a guarantor?




     In principle there is no guarantor required. To that extent, the examination at the time of the interview will be firm and we will try to minimize the burden.

However, an emergency contact is absolutely necessary.

光熱費の計算方法は? How do I calculate my utility bill?



 In our house, we make it a flat rate system on a monthly basis (10.000 yen) However, if the monthly fee for use does not continue to be unusual as long as it does not mean you can use it all, you may have to review the common expenses . Please cooperate with everyone and try to save.

入居の際に必要なものは? What do I need when I move in?


It is all right with your futon and items around yourself. The shared section has almost all necessary furniture and household appliances, and individual rooms also have air conditioners, beds, desks and chairs. It is a merit of a share house that you can easily move in and out.

入居に男女制限はありますか? Is there a gender / woman restriction for moving in?


Share house Candy is a man and woman shared house. However, we are considering male-female ratio and support so that women will not feel uncomfortable.

外国人は入居できますか? Can foreigners stay in?


Is possible. A passport / visa is required at the time of moving in.

住民登録は出来ますか? Can we register resident registration?


It is fine to transfer the resident card.

2人で入居出来ますか? Can I move in with two people?


In Share House Candy, each room is qualified.

毎月の賃料の支払い方法は? How is the monthly rent payment method?


It is a former rent system. Please transfer the next month by the last day of the month. Please bear the transfer fee at the tenant's burden.

入居前に荷物を送れますか? Can I send my luggage before moving in?


The receipt of luggage etc not limited to living goods is individual responsibility. Therefore, you can not send your luggage before moving in.

インターネットは使えますか? Can I use the Internet?


It can be used in wireless LAN. In addition, tablet is installed in the common part.

友人を呼んだり、宿泊させる事は出来ますか? Can I call a friend or stay?


Calling your friends is possible as long as you do not inconvenience other residents. Regarding accommodation, we have refused the principle because there are problems with other residents on the crime prevention side / shared use side. For your relatives, please consult us separately.

門限はありますか?Is there a curfew?


Sharehouse Candy is your home. There is no curfew in particular. However, because it is a place where you live together, please take care that you can keep comfortable with each other by observing the manner of entering and leaving in the middle of the night.

部屋に鍵はついてますか? Is the lock on the room?



The entrance has a number lock, and each room / toilet / dressing room is designed to be lockable.

Of course, there is a key in the room. Please rest assured.

駐車場はありますか? Is there a parking lot?


There is no parking lot. Please use it because there is a monthly parking lot nearby.

自転車・バイクの駐輪場はありますか? Is there a bicycle / bike bicycle parking lot?


There is no parking space for bicycles, but if you are a bicycle you can bring it in the house premises.

管理者の方のハウスでの役割は? What role does the manager have in the house?


I will visit the house about three or four times a month. We will clean up and refill consumables. When visiting, we will inform each resident in advance the date and time, so if you have any problems, questions etc. Please do not hesitate to tell us.

消耗品は使い放題ですか? Are consumables all you can use?



Tissue, toilet paper, detergent, etc. used in the common section are supplemented regularly at the house burden, but it is not unlimited use. If you do not save savings in cooperation with everyone as well as utility fee, common expenses will be revised. Please be careful.

In addition, we will prepare individually for condiments, shampoos, soap, toothpaste, etc. to be used by individuals, and we ask for voluntary control.

ハウス内で、イベントなどはあるんでしょうか?Is there an event etc. in the house?


Although it will be held occasionally, we will organize parties etc in the outdoors while listening to your convenience, such as BBQ etc. · indoors. Of course, it is free participation.

入居中に、他の部屋が空いた場合移る事は出来ますか?Is it possible to move if another room is empty while moving in?


Although it is possible, we always do cleaning etc. at the time of leaving, so it will be renewed again. Once we will pay for the current contract, we will incur an initial cost.

退去する時は、どうすれば良いですか? How do I do when I move out?


Please offer one month before leaving. If it is less than one month, we have received rent for one month from that point.